og rodmans

Sneak culture, what does that a mean to you? Is it simply just about shoes, or is there more to it? Of course this isn’t really something you can just wake up one day and say; ” Hey, you know what? I’m going to be a “sneaker head”.” Well at least it shouldn’t be like that. Now Im not saying you can’t pick up and join the culture but also respect the lifestyle that you are getting into. For me this is almost something  I was born in to. With the recent release of the “Dennis Rodman Ndestukt” I was hit with a huge nostalgic flash back. This is a story I tell almost on a daily basis when I am asked why I like shoes so much. As a product of a single parent home times weren’t always the best and money was often tight. I can recall all the Payless days and Walmart shoes. I even drew Nike checks on my gym shoes with permanent marker.  But my brother that was a different story. I mean that was my guy, I wanted to be just like him. He had the dope ride, all the new video games, and of course all the freshest gear. I remember not being able to have these nice shoes because well moms wasn’t dropping money like that on a 9-year-old with a size 10 foot already. So my only option was wait till he left for class and then swipe the kicks. One of the more memorable stories involving these shoes is also how I broke my one and only gone in my life. It was just one of the days I decided to flex on these fools. So of course you know I snagged those kicks before leaving for school. As I get to school my boy E mutha fuckin Hansen comes up and ask if I wanna play football with the older kids. Of course I did I wasn’t a small kid so I could hang with the big dogs. Today was apparently not my day. Now that I think about it I don’t even know why we were playing where were playing. Who the hell plays football on a hill? Anyway I had the ball and I was running people over, making em miss.The kid was out there looking like Edgerrin James, and if you don’t know who that is take your young ass somewhere and google him. As I’m coming off a missed tackle, and it’s just me one on one with Lance Melvin. I said fuck it Im going for it. Planted my foot, lowered my shoulder, but I guess I didn’t lower it enough he got lower. Next thing I know I’m falling backward the ball flying over my face. Somethings not right.As I lay there on the ground making sure everything works I get up and go on about my business. I am done playing for the rest of the game. Proceed to go to class for about 3 hours before I cog rodman2ould go to the nurse. Which was a waste of time she ran some weak as strength test and I passed, and she sent me  back to class. So this goes on for about 2 more days finally I tell my mom what happened and off to the hospital we go. Come to find out this guy had hit me so hard he broke my collar-bone. That is probably the second hardest I ever was hit playing football. Like I stated in the title the irony is in the name because I found out that day I was not Ndestuktable. (I know its corny.) This is just one of many moments that shoes brings me back to. I just knew after I started wearing all his Nike’s, Adidas, and FILA’s I was hooked. What are some of your memorable sneaker stories? What got you into the culture? Everybody has a story to tell, we need to share these that’s what makes the culture so great. We all come from different walks of life but we all have that one thing in common and that is our love and passion or the kicks. Stay blessed y’all.


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